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How to I make an appointment to see Mr Brewer?

To make an appointment please contact the York Hospital (Nuffield). Usually, your GP would write a referral letter which would have your current problems, medical history and medications.

I don't have heath insurance does that matter?

No! Mr Brewer sees a wide variety of patients who either self fund their treatment or have personal medical insurance. Mr Brewer also works with all of the major health insurance providers.

Which health insurance providers does Mr Brewer work with?

Mr Brewer works with the following private medical insurance providers (including):

  • Aviva health

  • AXA PPP Healthcare

  • Bupa

  • Vitality Health

  • WPA


  • Aetna

If your private medical insurance provider is not listed please enquire via the contact form.

What will happen during my consultation?

At the initial consultation you will meet Mr Brewer to discuss in detail your symptoms, concerns and medical history. If clinically appropriate you will be examined, always with a female chaperone present. This will then allow Mr Brewer to develop, in partnership with you, a personalised management plan. 

Further diagnostic tests, such as blood tests or scans, may be needed and will be organised quickly.

More than one consultation may be needed to arrive at a diagnosis. Additionally, follow up appointments are offered to discuss results and after any treatments.

What are the consultation fees?

  • New Patient consultation is £250

  • Follow up consultation is £125

When does Mr Brewer have clinics?

Mr Brewer has out patient clinics at the Nuffield Health York Hospital. His clinics are held every Wednesday morning and alternate Friday mornings.

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